Integrating Technologies into an Economy


Alt-E Fund strives to transform the world's energy economy by funding the foundational research that can contribute to a truly integrated system of energy generation, distribution, storage, and policy.  An example of this framework is shown here, where solar energy can be used immediately as electricity or stored as a transportable, clean fuel source like hydrogen. This kind of system can potentially serve our energy needs any time, anywhere. 

In order for revolutionary designs like this to be implemented, we need fully realized scientific groundwork. We already have expensive hydrogen cars and solar cells on the market, but we don't know how to optimize the individual technologies, let alone optimize a way to make them work together. Scientists have hundreds of ideas for solving problems like these, but they need the time, funding, and creative freedom to explore a wide intellectual landscape.

What We Fund

Clean energy generation:  The sun and wind are examples of infinite sources of energy. The problem is not finding a source of energy, but finding a way to harvest energy in an efficient, low-cost way. 

Energy storage:  Natural energy sources have built-in unpredictability, but our use of them can eliminate this feature. Electricity and transportable fuels are the key to fully replacing carbon-based energy sources.

Energy Distribution & Use:  Our future grid will behave far differently from what we use today.  This opens up a host of challenges and opportunities for how we distribute and use energy.