A CLear Vision

Alt-E Fund is working to achieve two goals that are critical to building a world powered by clean energy:

  1. Create a grassroots fundraising organization for renewable energy research, with leadership and input from experts in multiple fields of energy research. 

  2. Build a network of concerned citizens and clean energy experts to support this organization, and become a mass movement.

A movement like this is crucially needed as federal funding, the source for the overwhelming majority of research money, has been essentially flat for decades. A new source of funds is necessary so that concerned citizens have a way to channel their money toward driving key solutions in renewable energy research. 

Alt-E Fund has developed a specific timeline for organizational growth and how your donation will contribute to the larger picture. We seek to create a sustainable future through both the research we fund and the way we fund it.

Alt-E Phases_new.png

For this movement to have the maximum impact, clean energy experts - scientists, engineers, policymakers - need to come together to develop a unified vision of the specific research challenges that must be addressed to achieve clean energy technologies on a global scale. 

In conjunction with fundraising and distribution of grant funds during 2017, we will actively work to build a community of world-class scientists, engineers, and policymakers, and engage their expertise to select the specific scientific, engineering and policy areas that Alt-E Fund will support to achieve our goals. This network of experts will also play an active and essential role in selecting the research proposals that will be funded, based on scientific merit, mission relevance and innovation.

Within three years, Alt-E Fund has the goal to allocate approximately 85% of all funds to supporting research (and future research through the endowment), and to maintain these levels in perpetuity.