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Here's what we're up against: clean energy science is facing a 70% cut, with some offices and programs receiving as much as 95% less than the previous fiscal year. Less money means less research, fewer breakthroughs, and fewer jobs. This is a disastrous idea for the following reasons: 

(1)  It is bad for our planet.  We know we need to move away from fossil fuels and transition to 100% clean energy as soon as possible - research is the only thing that can accelerate this process.

(2)  It is bad for our economy.  The clean energy sector is creating hundreds of thousands of jobs - solar and wind jobs alone are growing at a rate 12x faster than the U.S. economy. Clean energy science has a documented return on investment of 24:1.

Alt-E Fund gives the average person the power to make a real difference by allowing us, the people, to chip in and directly solve the funding crisis for the most important problem of our time.
— Ron Sidwell, an Alt-E Fund supporter

We all know the solution:  a quick transition to 100% clean energy sources such as wind, solar, and alternative fuels. Unfortunately, we don't currently have all the technologies we need to achieve this goal. For example, we don't have a low-cost alternative fuel for our cars, and we don't have a cheap, efficient way to store solar or wind energy when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing. We use donations given to us by people like you to support the best clean energy scientists and research projects in the country. (Learn more about the types of technologies we fund here. ) With your help, we can create a clean and sustainable future.

If we don’t protect our planet, my children’s grandchildren will have a pretty dire situation to cope with.
— Octavia Brown, an Alt-E Fund supporter

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