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We all know the problem:  we are polluting our atmosphere and changing our climate by burning coal and oil. Climate change means more frequent and severe droughts, floods, storms, and fires; which can impact the lives of millions - and potentially billions - every year. 

We all know the solution:  a quick transition to 100% clean energy sources such as wind, solar, and alternative fuels.  Fortunately, we have thousands of scientists who have dedicated their lives to tackling this exact challenge, and in order to make their vision a reality, they need your help.  

Alt-E Fund takes on the global climate challenge by funding brilliant scientists to move quickly from their innovative energy ideas to proof-of-concept and beyond.  We use donations from people like you to fund the best clean energy scientists and research projects in the country, and to ensure those projects get turned into results companies and citizens can use to reduce—even eliminate—their carbon footprint and reverse the terrible consequences of climate change.  (Learn more about the types of projects we fund here.)  With your help, we can create a clean and sustainable future.

Renewable energy, as part of the solution to climate change, is very important to me. Alt-E Fund is an independent nonprofit, filled with brilliant people who actually have a drive to accomplish their goal.
— Deborah Dunfield, an Alt-E Fund supporter

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